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Server Hardware / Software Requirements

PPVChat uses Flash Communication Server (FCS) / Flash Media Server (FMS) software from Macromedia, for streaming video/audio.

You can buy FCS/FMS software from Macromedia and install it on your web server or another server, or you can buy FCS/FMS hosting from a company specialized on this platform.

The hardware configuration depends very much on the number of models/visitors, so we cannot give you exact requirements.

  Web Server Configuration
Hardware: Decent dedicated server / shared hosting configuration. Doesn't require too much bandwidth
Software: PHP 4.3+, MySQL

  Streaming Server Configuration
Hardware: Powerful dedicated server. Lots of bandwidth required
Software: Flash Communication Server 1.5 or Flash Media Server 2.01

The Web Server is where the website is hosted, including database, photos and flash client applications.

The Streaming Server is where FCS/FMS software is installed for the audio/video streaming, where recorded shows are hosted. The audio/video traffic goes only through the Streaming Server.

As mentioned above, the Web and Streaming servers can be the same or different. If you choose to use FCS/FMS hosting instead of buying the software from Macromedia and hosting it yourself, a Streaming Server is not required.

Recommended FCS/FMS Hosting Providers
- Influxis (California, US) www.influxis.com
- Uvault (Florida, US) www.uvault.com
- MoreMX (Germany, Europe) www.moremx.com

Model / End-User Requirements

You can use any browser that supports the Flash Player plugin. That includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari on all OS's: Windows, Mac, Linux. PPVChat has no special requirements here. No software downloads/installs or routable IP needed.

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