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20% Discount for Wire Transfer, Western Union or Moneybookers Orders

Anti-Spam Policy

PPVChat has no tolerance for "Spam" (also known as Unsolicited Broadcast Email and Unsolicited Commercial Email or 'UBE/UCE') whether originating from customers or from customer's customers.

PPVChat's Anti-Spam Policy

PPVChat customers, and customers of PPVChat customers or any downstream customers, are prohibited from sending and shall not allow their connection to PPVChat to be used for sending UBE/UCE.

PPVChat may charge the customer $US1000.00 per valid UBE/UCE complaint of which PPVChat is notified.

If PPVChat receives a complaint, it will notify the customer and wait for a response and complete resolution. If within 48 hours there is no response indicating complete resolution,PPVChat may lock the customer's account until PPVChat is convinced that the problem is resolved and preventative measures have been put in place to prevent the violation from recurring. If PPVChat receives repeat complaints indicating that a problem has not been resolved, PPVChat reserves the right to cancel the customer's account and revoke their licence.


If you believe you have been spammed by an PPVChat customer, then don't hesitate to email us with their details to: antispam@ppvchat.com

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