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About PPVChat

PPVChat/CamDate specializes in the development and implementation of rich communication solutions with live video and sound broadcasting via the Web / Internet.

PPVChat/CamDate offers a unique range of products ranging from video conference systems, multi-room chat systems, rich instant messaging, pay-per-view live video streaming systems. With simple implementations at low costs, all the broadcast needs of the customer are easily provided.

PPVChat/CamDate also offers specialized development solutions to suit large and small businesses alike with special needs in terms of distribution of live video and sound via the Internet .

PPVChat/CamDate's main goal is to ensure our customers and users the best conditions in market environments characterised by strong competition. Gathering these variable competencies into one organisation, we reach synergies that guarantee our clients a complete perspective on all the work we perform. We believe that we make a difference. Our customers see us as an attractive business partner which stands for quality and innovation. Using an intuitive and a competitive approach and also our employees know-how towards all projects we manage along with our constant dialogue with customers and end users, we deliver first class products.


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